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acts_as_solr Rails plugin

This plugin adds full text search capabilities and many other nifty features from Apache‘s Solr to any Rails model. It was based on the first draft by Erik Hatcher.

Important Note

The acts_as_solr plugin has a new home, so please update your bookmarks: This address will become obsolete by release version 1.0


Erik Hatcher:First draft
Thiago Jackiw:Current developer (tjackiw at gmail dot com)

Current Release

The current stable release is v0.8 and was released on 05-10-2007.

Changes I made

Please refer to the CHANGE_LOG



On your Rails’ root directory, just type

  script/plugin install svn://

Once the plugin has been installed, make sure you copy the schema.xml from the acts_as_solr‘s root directory to DIR_WHERE_YOU_INSTALLED_SOLR/example/solr/conf

Updated Video Tutorial: Up and Running in less than 5 minutes

This short video tutorial demonstrates how easy it is to integrate Solr and the acts_as_solr plugin to any Rails application. To watch the streamed version, click here, or to download the quicktime movie (5.5MB) to your computer, click here.

Basic Usage

Just include the line below to any of your ActiveRecord models:


Or if you want, you can specify only the fields that should be indexed:

  acts_as_solr :fields => [:name, :author]

Then to find instances of your model, just do:

  Model.find_by_solr(query) or Model.find_id_by_solr(query)

Or if you want to specify the starting row and the number of rows per page:

  Model.find_by_solr(query, :start => 0, :rows => 10)

Please see ActsAsSolr::ActsMethods for a complete info

Getting help

You can always use our mailing list ( to post any questions you may have.


I welcome contributors so if you‘d like to contribute to the development, please send me an email (tjackiw at gmail dot com).


To see this plugin‘s timeline, please check out our Trac


Please report the bugs you find by opening tickets here

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Release Information

Released under the MIT license.